Monday, August 27, 2007

Trade vs. No Trade Leagues

I am currently running a fantasy football league. It's our third year, many of the same cast of characters, some new folks. It's a mixture of new players and grizzly veterans, friends, family, and girlfriends, the potential for nepotism is there. Anyway, I been in several fantasy football leagues over the years, where people are constantly complaining about the fairness of trades.

"This guy can't trade with his son!"
"That guy can't trade with his girlfriend!"
"That's completely unfair!"

The thing I can't understand in leagues that allow trades is that people are so afraid of getting the short end of the stick in a trade that they refuse to trade their players anyway. Especially in a league of newbies, new players are very guarded about being taken advantage of by veteran shysters. So to avoid arguments, accusations, and complaints, my league is traditionally a "No Trade" fantasy football league. If you are coming to my draft come prepared, because the waiver wire is the only way you have to improve your team. The nice thing about a no trade fantasy football league, is that everyone is on equal footing, there are no back door deals, there are no Peyton Manning for JP Losman trades, there are no fire sale playoffs pushes where collusion ensues to screw the entire league as a player with no hope of making the playoffs, unloads his best players for Mewelde Moore, Doug Gabriel, and Travis Wilson. That's not pure ... that's not fantasy football.

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