Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Revolutionize the way you draft!

If you’ve purchased my 2007 premium cheat sheets ($5.00), then you’re well on your way, but take the time to read this post for I will impart upon you twelve years of knowledge for your fantasy football draft approach. To begin, you need to prepare ... buy fantasy mags, scour the internet, buy a cheat sheet, whatever you need to do. I like to go into the draft with three sheets of paper, all one-sided. The first sheet has my overall player ranking, the second has a team depth chart, and the third is my draft tracker. The Draft Tracker is where I write down the players I have selected with their bye week, and where I track the position each fantasy owner has selected by round. I just make a matrix that crosses the number of teams with the number of rounds and fill in a QB, RB, WR, etc. into the box as they come off the board (it’s a lot quicker than writing the whole player’s name down). This will allow you to see where you can gamble with you selections round to round. If you see a bunch of guys are set at one position you can wait another round to address it. After filling in the draft tracker, I highlight the player’s name on each fantasy football cheatsheet. Toward the end of the draft, when others are scrambling to figure out who is who’s backup or what starters are left on the board, it's all clearly displayed on my premium cheatsheet, which can be found, by the way, at Your goal is to grab two top ten running backs, one top five quarterback, and two top ten wide receivers … that’s what you’re shooting for. How you go about grabbing these guys is all dependant upon the flow of the draft. There is no set position per round, it varies from draft to draft, from year to year, but you want to make sure every pick is a solid performer ... a guy that can get you 10 points a week. Stay away from Rookies (unless it’s a highly touted WR in the middle rounds), stay away from guys with nagging injuries, stay away from the running back by committee. Make every pick a good one!

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