Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Rash of Injuries Plague Fantasy Football

If you’re a fantasy owner, you’ve either been helped or hindered by the rash of injuries infecting the NFL these days. Running Backs such as Ronnie Brown, Larry Johnson, Stephen Jackson, Jay Cutler, Javon Walker, Marvin Harrison, Trent Green, the list goes on and on and every week another star seems to be heaped onto the pile. When injuries like this occur, it is an opportunity for astute fantasy owners and waiver wire leeches to shine. Depth on any fantasy football team is paramount when trying to build a champion. Each week fantasy owners should be scouring the waiver wire for the next up and coming NFL phenom or an injured star’s backup. Stock-pile these guys on your bench, constantly improve the bench that you have in anticipation of an injury to your starter, then when injuries happen as the inevitably do, plug in a stopgap and continue your quest.

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